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Prices for 2018

Luxus Regatta tracking includes:

Trackers for up to 40 boats and marks.

An employee from Viking Tracker onshore who explains guests at the regatta what is going on, on a big screen.

The employee will also enter messages in the inlined blog to the  audience who watch the regatta over the Internet. Including links to race result as they are received from the Race Officer.

A drone that if the conditions allows, will make short live videos and link to these will be published in the inlined blog.

This service is currently only available in Denmark.

5.000 DKR/day.

Do it your self with 40 trackers:

Send email for price. Currently only available in Denmark.

The smallest service where the sailors phones are used as trackers and Viking Tracker is not present onshore:

Race Officers can update the location of course marks with a special login on the Viking Tracker Sailor App.

Up to 4 hours tracking pr boat: 1.5 €.

Up to 12 hours tracking pr boat: 3 €

More than 12 hours of tracking 4 € pr boat pr started 24 hours.

Viking Tracker, Denmark, Algade 3A, 2. TH, 4230 Skaelskoer. CVR 20699701